Thursday, 20 October 2011

Oh My God, What The Hell is Going On

A Kid Saw His Mother Messing With Make Up On Her Face And She Said: “Shit
And Kid Asked To His Mother What Is “Shit?
Then His Mother Answered: “It Is Second Word For Makeup.
Then He Saw His Sister Talking On Phone About Condoms.
When Kid Asked Her: “What Is A Condom?
Then Sister Replied: “It Is Second Word For Clothes
After Few Minutes, Kid Saw His Father Was Cutting A Chicken.
When He Cuts His Finger & Said Fuck, Kid Asked: “What Is Fuck?
Father Said To His Son: “It Is Second Word For Cutting
Suddenly Door Bell Rang Kid Opened The Door And His Grandmother Came In & Asked Grandson: “Where Is Everyone?
Then Kid Said Happily: “Mom Is Upstairs Putting Shit On Her Face, Sister Is Putting Condoms On & Daddy Is Fucking The Chicken

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