Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Helping Hand

Harry And His Wife Are Having Hard Financial Times, So They Decide That She’ll Become A Hooker.
She’s Not Quite Sure What To Do, So Harry Says: “Stand In Front Of That Bar And Pick Up A Guy. Tell Him That You Charge A Hundred Bucks. If You Got A Question, I’ll Be Parked Around The Corner.
She’s Standing There For 5 Minutes When A Guy Pulls Up And Asks: “How Much?
She Says, “A Hundred Dollars.”
He Says: “All I Got Is Thirty“.
She Says: “Hold On” And Runs Back To Harry And Asks: “What Can He Get For Thirty?
A Hand Job” Harry Reply.
She Runs Back And Tells The Guy All He Gets For Thirty Dollar Is A Hand Job.
He Agrees. She Gets In The Car. He Unzips His Pants, And Out Pops His Huge P3nis
She Stares At It For A Minute, And Then Says: “I’ll Be Right Back.
She Runs Back To Harry And Asks: “Can You Loan This Guy Seventy Bucks?

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